Force Band™ by Sphero

  The Force™ is strong with you. Channel it with the Star Wars™ Force Band™ by Sphero. Like a Jedi Knight, you can control your BB-8™ App-Enabled Droid™ with just a wave of your hand and expand your abilities with Force Training. Use the band by itself to complete Combat Training, or collect digital Holocrons in your environment through Force Awareness. Fulfill your destiny and become strong in the ways of the Force.


Deliver intuitive experience to users with 3 devices to look at.

Teach users proper gestures to control droid without staring at the phone screen  


While we were testing the prototype of Force Band, we realized without knowing proper gestures, driving BB-8 with Force Band was frustrating. And since there's a definite learning curve for mastering those gestures, we limited connecting BB-8 and Force Band until users finish their tutorial.


Instead of just teaching gestures in the app, We designed a mini game-like tutorial that can allow users to drive BB-8 in the mobile. Thus, users can imagine how real BB-8 would drive with Force Band and also able to see the gesture tutorial at the same time.


There are several gestures we need to teach to the users. And that increased the length of the tutorial and we worried users could get bored and lose their interest while learning. So we came up with some story behind the tutorial to keep their engagement.


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