Star Wars Droids App by Sphero

  BB-8™, BB-9E™, and R2-D2™ are Astromech Droids from a galaxy far, far away.... Powered by the new Sphero App-Enabled Droids app, drive your Droids, send them on patrol together, and more. Roam iconic ship interiors and memorable locations from the Star Wars™ saga through holographic simulations and the Droid Trainer accessory. Each Droid has different holographic environments to explore.

Make Users focus more on the robot rather than app screens


Create one app to control all Droids without confusing users.


Before Starwars app, traditionally Sphero made fixed drive wheels. But since users need to look at the app to tap the center of the drive wheel, we came up with a flexible drive wheel.


This new dynamic drive wheel is spawned where the user touches. Users are able to drive the droid without watching the app screen.




While we were designing the app that can control multiple droids, we had to make sure letting users know which droid is connected by a just glimpse. 


Entire app color is changed depending on which droid is connected. And also icons with droids is switched.


Since we were designing the app that can connect to all of Sphero's Starwars droids, we wanted to provide a user experience that can connect multiple droids and control them without confusing users.


Instead of showing droids at the same time and making the interface more complex, we only allowed showing one droid at a time and added buttons that switch the droid rapidly.


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